Roamer the Educational Robot for Schools

Roamer is an educational robot aimed at helping teach Pre-School to Year 12 (PK-12). It achieves this flexibility because it is a modular system that you can put together in different ways to suit your specific needs. With 30 years of experience of designing robots for schools the Roamer has been designed:

  1. Specifically for schools, classrooms and education
  2. To be robust and survive the normal wear and tear of regular use
  3. To integrate and work with the type of resources normally found in schools
  4. As a “future-proof” platform that can adapt and work with new technologies
Students and Roamer
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Take One Roamer and Add Imagination

What should Roamer look like? Take a simple shape then add imagination and Roamer becomes whatever your students want it to be.

Why change it?  Like an actor getting into character changing the way Roamer looks helps contextualise the activity and adds tremendous value to the educational experience.

How do you do it?   A chance to practice simple art and craft techniques or for older students more sophisticated design technology and making skills.

Free downloads Patterns to help you make fabric and paper coats.

Shop for transfers and other packages to make quick characters.

Free Training Site for ideas and techniques.

Roamer Pirate ships racing for treasure: part of the BBC’s Interactive Digitial Zone held at the 2014 Commonwealth Games 2014

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