Roamer ScratchX – Making it Real

Roamer is an educational robot with ancestry that stretches over 30 years.  Like Scratch, Roamer’s origins lie in the work of Seymour Papert and Logo.  Roamer has worked with children as young as 3 and as old as 18.   Some of the richest and poorest schools on five different continents have used Roamer to challenge the gifted and support those who need help.  Roamer provides students with practical, concrete experiences that help them understand difficult ideas in most subjects.

We started the Roamer User Group (RUG) to share our 30 years’ experience working with some of the best teachers in the world. Joining RUG is free. Membership provides access to the free activities and online training. We have made the Scratch documentation part of this. We would like to invite you to register as a guest to access these materials. If you are a RUG Member use your normal login. Go to the Roamer Training Site and access the Software menu.


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