Does Roamer Work?

For 30 years teachers have used our educational robotic products. This has taken place in tens of thousands of schools, in 27 different countries, on 5 different continents. Why? Because teacher’s found it useful, and recommended it to other teachers. Comforting, but this practical endorsement does not constitute a scientific study. Unfortunately, what is proposed as “scientific” is in our view deeply flawed. We cannot explain why in a sound byte. So…

Critique of Scientific Educational Research.

We do believe a more systematic approach to “proving” the effectiveness of educational products is a good thing. We present here, the our evidence so far.

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Problem Solving…

At this age typical activities rely less on intuitive and visual solving of problems. Students can use their knowledge to find solutions. Through practical Roamer activities they can develop and master important skills.The Robot Rally Race requires students to perform experiments to determine the robots speed and to engage with various statistical calculations. Involvement and motivation in the activity outcome transfers to the mathematics making the tasks meaningful to the students.

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Spacecraft Rescue Project Kelmscott School. Walthamstow, London

Students engaging in the Robot Rally Race in Malta. Listen To Podcasts.