Getting the Most from Your Roamer Robot

Roamer has been designed for the classroom. Where possible we have integrated it to utilise the typical resources of a school. We do support it with a number of accessories which extend its capability. But how do you use it so that everyone is an active learner and gains a valuable learning experience? What space do you need to run Roamer activities?

Roamer’s flexibility provides you lots of options to ensure students enjoy the excitement of learning.

Roamer, Educational Robot, Teaching with Robots, TWR
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Roamer is an ideal inspiration in projects

A characteristic of projects is the diversity of activities involved. Although Roamer may inspire the project, or be a key ingredient, it is only part of the task. Sometimes a project may require specialist rooms like the art and craft room, or the tech workshop. There is also the possibility of “time sharing” the resources.

In the Robotic Performing Arts Project, involved the students in art, design technology, mathematics, video shoots and video editing. Exactly how you would organise this depends on your school set up. Although this takes a deal of effort, the value of project is hard to resist.


Roamer, Educational Robot, Teaching with Robots, TWR, STEM