Roamer Offers Teaching Strategies for All

Roamer can support Early Years to High School teachers across most subjects. It flexibility makes it useful in formal and informal learning; it works with gifted, remedial or special education. To see how it can help you check the tabs and various links.

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Motivational and Fun

After school projects either are a way of encouraging further study or they’re an attempt to keep students off the street and out of trouble.  Attendance is voluntary and after a school day children and teachers are tired.  Free from curriculum restrictions it is an opportunity to be adventurous, educational, motivational and enjoyable – all things Roamer excels in.

This was the best project we have ever done.

12 Year Old Student
Sydenham School, London


Roamer, Valiant Technology, STEM, Robotic Performing Arts, RPA

Scene from the Girlz Story – Robotics Performing Arts Project, Sydenham STEM Club.

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