Roamer a Cross Curricular approach to STEM

Roamer is a learning tool used with activities suitable for student from 3 years old to 18 years old.  Although the robot has panache for STEM, subjects it has shown that it can add value to most subjects.

Roamer displays its real strength by helping students see knowledge not as separate subjects, but as interconnected ideas.  It does this in a concrete way, while provoking students to think, be creative and use their imagination.  Most tasks problem solving and develop lifelong learning abilities such as analytical, communication and teamwork skills.

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Experimenting and Developing Scientific Models

Roamer engages scientific in three ways:

1.       It provides opportunities for scientific experiments

2.       It allows students to build or explore models of specific ideas

3.       Demonstrations of principles

Understanding arithmetic

Students program Roamer to explore a number line.  They develop visual, spatial and kinaesthetic models of arithmetic. For example, in a simple practical way they will see how addition and subtraction relate to each other.

Robot Rally Race

In this activity students run a series of experiments to establish the velocity of Roamer in different situations.  They use this information to find the fastest route between two points.

In the Dog House

Students create a design that makes Roamer look like a dog.  The study the behaviour of dogs.  They write a program that models the behaviour dog.  They test a modify the behaviour.

Incy Wincy Spider (Itsy Bitsy Spider)

Roamer sings a mixed up version of the nursery rhyme.  Students find a way to teach Roamer the right way to sing the song. 

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