The value of educational robots is what you do with them…

Over the last 30 years we have worked with teachers all over the world and pioneered the practical use of educational robots.  Activities connect the technology and the student to create a valuable learning experience.    In partnership with teachers we have produced a range of pracical classroom packs and the Roamer Activity Library full of free materials.   Join today!

Instead of designing a robot and then trying to figure what to do with it, we created Roamer to support practical classroom work.

Dave Catlin
Roamer Designer

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[wptabtitle]Free Activities[/wptabtitle]
Made in the Classroom

We created many activities in partnership with classroom teachers.  Created by the community, they belong to the community.  We make them freely available to all Roamer Users.


Golden Oldies

All the activities created since 1983 when we first launched the Valiant Turtle are still relevant.  We will gradually update these and offer them free of charge.

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[wptabtitle]Activity Packs[/wptabtitle]
What You Get

Roamer is something that can help you deliver the whole curriculum. The Activity Packs provide you a core of materials for each age group.   Primarily based on STEM topics you receive approximately 30 Activities per pack.  We organise these in small units based on different aspects of a topic.  We scaffolded the materials so that students gradually learn how to use the Roamer and reinforcement strategies are built into the subject matter.


Purchase Recommendations

We recommend you buy the Activity Packs and supplement them with the many Free Activities.

  Click on the hyperlink to check out the scope and squence of each pack.
 AgeEngland and Wales ScotlandNorthern IrelandUSA and Canada
 5 to 6Year 1Primary 1P1Kindergarten
 6 to 7Year 2Primary 2P2Grade 1
 7 to 8Year 3Primary 3P3Grade 2
  Packs for other age groups are under development.   Use the RSS Feed to keep up dated on their progress.
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[wptabtitle]Activity Libary[/wptabtitle]

Access to the Roamer Activity Library is free for all members of the Roamer User Group.  You can apply for a Guest Pass which allows you to explore the library and check out sample activities.

Current Status

The opening of the Library has been delayed.  We apologise for the inconvenience.  It will open in January 2013.  It will take somtime to load in the many activities.  Our ambitious activity development schedule is underway, The best way to keep in touch with developments is to use the RSS Feed to automatically receive updates on new activities.

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[wptabtitle]Create Activities[/wptabtitle]
  Roamer Activity Development Partnership (RoAD) Do you have a good idea for an activity?

Do you face a difficult teaching problem?

RoAD Partnership combines our expertise with your practical teaching knowledge to create a first class, free resource for teacherserhaps Roamer can help!

  How to Become a RoAD Partner

If you have an idea for a Roamer Project, Activity – or perhaps want a solution to a difficult teaching problem, then you might be eligible to become a RoAD Partner.  This involves the following steps:

  1. Join the Roamer User Group (RUG)
  2. Read and Agree to the RoAD Partnership Agreement
  3. Email Valiant quoting your RUG Membership number and explain your interest in RoAD
  4. To complete the application process you must now register to access the RoAD Partnership Forum