Getting the Most Out of Roamer

You can start using Roamer at a simple, intuitive level.  But the more you learn about it, the more you realise its great potential as an educational tool.  You could follow a crash course and systematically learn all there is to know about the product and its use.  Alternatively, you can approach training as a natural process, where your skill gradually increases with its practical use in the classroom.  The training site supports a range of different approaches.

Free Roamer Training Site.

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Students enter a room and for the first time.  They see Classic Roamer sitting there.  Soon one of them would press a key.  So their exploration starts.  The first press produces a pleasant sound: the next an ugly buzz.  The first is a valid keypress, the second illegal.  They got it wrong, but what should they press?  They had no way of knowing without consulting the user guide.  But the new Roamer talks and its in-built help explains what they should do.

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On the Job and Just in Time Training

Training is embedded into the Roamer Activities.  Whether you have attended a training course, or not, the point where you most need help is during the preparation of lessons or even during a lesson.   Most of the Training resources are broken into small packages, which take one or two minutes to absorb.  Development of your Roamer will be gradual and practical.

Roamer Expertise

You can choose Roamer activities according to your experience and confidence on using the robot.  Technically simple activities does not mean educationally easy.  Starting with simple activities gradually builds teacher expertise.

Lesson plans are linked to the Training Site.

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Quick StartA few videos and basic information to help you start.Using RoamerRoamer in the ClassroomPractical tips on using Roamer in the classroom.
User GuidesHow to program the different Roamers.About RoamerInformation about the different modules.
Training OptionsYou can use the Roamer training site informally.  You can also set up formal training schemes for your school or school district.Why Use RoamerTheory and vision of educational robots.
Roamer Activities
Traimers ForumA forum for ARTs – Accredited Roamer Trainers.  Get Accreditation and share ideas.AssessmentHow to do assessment with Roamer.
Advanced RoamerSome advanced information and topics.
Roamer in the CurriculumExplains and supports the use of Roamer across the curriculum.
Ask a QuestionFAQs, Chat Lines, Forums, etc.
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Coming soon:

  1. Online training sessions
  2. Online information sessions

If you want to attend a Web Conference where you can watch Roamer demonsrations or ask questions, then please register.  We plan to start these in the next month and we inform you of our schedule.

Email link required.
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We do offer on site training for schools, school clusters, or school districts.  These are an excellent way to start the systematic use of Roamer within your school and we can tailor make the sessions to suit your specific needs. To discuss your specific training needs contact us on: 
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Valiant only recommend ARTS (Accredited Roamer Trainers) to run training sessions.If you would like to become an ART, please contact us for details:
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