Getting value from Roamer

For more than 30 years we have worked with teachers all over the world pioneering the practical use of educational robots. Activities connect the technology and the student to valuable learning experiences. In partnership with teachers we have produced a range of practical classroom packs and the Roamer Activity Library full of free materials.

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You can design a robot and then think about how you use it in the classroom. We did it the other way around.

Dave Catlin
Roamer Designer

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Meeting your needs…

Roamer activities cover a wide range of needs and situations. There are projects, games, challenges and puzzles. There activities for young children, older students, for remedial students or gifted and talanted. There activities for the regular classroom, for special events, home learning, summer camps and informal learning situations.

Golden Oldies

All the Classic Roamer and Turtle activities created since 1983, when we launched our first educational robot are still valid with the latest Roamer.

Roamer Activities, Roamer, Educational Robots, Teaching with Robots, TWR, Valiant Technology, Turtles