Getting the Most Out of Roamer

Using Roamer successfully is more than opening the box and reading a few programming instructions. This does not mean extra work – in fact using Roamer can save time. How? Roamer helps students understand ideas better and quicker; it provides them with experiences that adds value to your other lessons. You do not need to read a big manual to master Roamer. The best way is to start with a few simple activities and share the experiences of other members of the Roamer User Group – RUG.

Roamer User Group for teachers to improve their Roamer Skills

Joining RUGBenefits of RUG

One for All, All for One

The Roamer User Group (RUG), is exactly what it says, a community of Roamer Users. If your school owns Roamer, then all the teachers or teaching assistants can join. Each member needs to make a separate application.

Membership is Free.

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