Roamer a Research Based Design

Roamer’s only purpose is education of children. Its design was developed based practical experience supported by a diversity of educational, teaching, psychological and scientific research.

We only have one design maxim: “How will a student gain a valuable learning experience from using Roamer?”

Dave Catlin Roamer Designer

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Practical Educational Experience

For 30 years teachers have used the Valiant Turtle and then the Roamer educational robots. This has taken place in tens of thousands of schools, in 27 different countries, on 5 different continents. Why? Not because a small company spent “mega bucks” on marketing, but because teacher’s found it useful, and recommended it to other teachers.

Comforting, but this practical endorsement does not constitute a scientific study. We cannot present the evidence of why and how Roamer works in a few sound bytes, so invite you visit the Roamer Research Site.

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How Can You Research Roamer?

What is the educational validity of a pencil? What evidence is there that a pencil works? The question is absurd, because a pencil is a tool and it depends on what you do with it and how you do it. Well the same applies to Roamer; it is a sophisticated tool.

Roamer Research is based on collating information from a wide range of different sources and across diverse subjects: Artificial Intelligence, developmental psychology; mathematics, assessment theory… All this information is analysed against the Educational Robotic Application (ERA) Principles.

Doctoral Thesis Shows Roamer Works!

We used to say you could get a Phd by studying the effects of most Roamer Activities. Well that is exactly what Dr. Stephanie Holmquist has done. Her study of the Spacecraft Rescue Project showed that Roamer was highly successful.