Valiant Technology

Valiant Technology started in 1985 with the launch of the robot Turtle. This makes Valiant the oldest extant educational robotic company in the World, responsible for pioneering many of the ways we use this type technology.

London and Florida

For many years Valiant traded out of London and Chicago. 2015 saw the appointment Holmquist Educational Consultants. Valiant’s Anglo American roots are still evident in the special relationship between Valiant and Holmquist.

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The Future in their Hands…


Commitment to Education

To create educational products which will help children to fulfil their potential by teaching them to think, understand and to use their knowledge in creative and positive ways.To use ethical business practices and non racist, non political and non sexist policies. To be environmentally aware when making business decisions. To work with educators to design products that fulfil a genuine need. All products must be rooted in sound educational practice and offer a genuine enhancement to the learning experience. To respond to our customers needs in a friendly, efficient way. To support all our products technically and educationally.