Valiant Technology

Valiant Technology started in 1985 with the launch of the robot Turtle. This makes Valiant the oldest extant educational robotic company in the World, responsible for pioneering many of the ways we use this type technology.

London and Florida

For many years Valiant traded out of London and Chicago. 2015 saw the appointment Holmquist Educational Consultants. Valiant’s Anglo American roots are still evident in the special relationship between Valiant and Holmquist.

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Peter Pavlitski – Production, Quality and Servicing

With an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering behind him and experience in plastics technology and manufacturing techniques. Peter was there before the beginning when we were messing about with prototypes and ideas. He worked out the practicalities of manufacturing Turtles and supervised the small and doughty team that assembled them in the pioneering days of the early 1980s when computers were just going into British schools.

Peter is in charge of technical support, servicing, QA, purchasing, stock control and production, Peter and his hard work and diligence have ensured high quality Valiant products ready to ship to schools worldwide for 30 years.

Stuart Tildsley – Manufacturing

When Valiant secured a large order for Classic Roamer from Shanghai Schools, the Chinese insisted we moved production to China. For the new Roamer we teamed up with Stuart Tildsley owner of Wardley Electronics to bring manufacturing home, to his factory in Ipswich. We now have the benefits of high quality production on our doorstep.


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